• ASC: Accountable, Sustainable, Customized
  • Macronutrient based flexible dieting approach
  • One on One Weekly Check-ins
  • Unlimited access via text and email
  • A changing exercise program that focuses on your long-term goals

YOUR BODY. Your Health. Your Goals.


The Mission of ASC Online Fitness Coaching is to provide a balanced, sustainable, and scientifically backed approach to obtain your ideal physique based directly on your goals and lifestyle.

My Credentials

Customized Plans

Whether you have never stepped foot in the gym, have tried millions of programs that have failed you, or you’re an avid gym goer just looking for some extra motivation in the nutrition department, this online coaching program is tailored specifically to you, what you need most, and what works with your lifestyle.

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I offer 1:1 personalized meetings via the web and unlimited access for questions and concern. You are the focal point of this program, and it is designed in a way that gets you the best results with whatever suits you best. Losing weight, building muscle, or changing old habits can be challenging enough, but with a coach available to you at all times, it makes accountability so much easier.

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Sustainable for Life

Why have countless people lost weight, and then gained it all back? Simple – the program either wasn’t specific to their body or the program restricted your diet and/or significantly limited the number of calories. Using a macro-based “flexible” dieting approach, it is our goal to provide a fun, simple, and unrestricted way to reach your goals.

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MY Credentials

Master’s degree in Exercise Science with a concentration in Sports Nutrition from Life University.

Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences from SUNY College at Brockport.

Exercise physiologist and Certified Personal Trainer.

Master's Degree in Exercise Science
Bachelor's Degree in Biological Sciences
Exercise Physiologist and Personal Trainer


  If you are ready to: be held accountable,  have a customized fitness routine and nutrition plan that works around YOU,   have a program that is sustainable...  Then Let’s DO THIS together as a team.

  • You Will Receive...
  • 1:1 Coaching: This way you have guided support and accountability throughout your journey. Video calls, weekly check-ins, and daily reminders are ALL included to guide you toward your goals. I want to know who you are, what you struggle with, and what your life is like so we can make the best plan of attack, together.
  • Customized nutrition: Meal plans, fad diets, and meal replacements don’t cut it anymore! You know these strategies don’t work. You will be given a custom plan that is designed specifically to you, your lifestyle, and your preferences. Every single person is unique,
    and your nutrition plan should support that!
  • Customized workout program: We all have different abilities, goals, injuries, and preferences.
    Your program needs to work with you. You should enjoy it and you should be progressing while doing so.
  • Mindset focus: Of course conquering mindset is HUGE on any journey. Putting a focus on positive mindset will be the extra special ingredient in the recipe.
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Trust me, I have been through TONS of obstacles throughout my fitness journey. I know it’s hard to stay motivated, get support, and stay accountable to your goals. But through this process YOU will make a change. Imagine feeling confident in your skin, energized throughout the day, and absolutely satisfied! Let’s make your dreams a reality.   Fill out the questionnaire by clicking on the Get Started Now button below, and I will be in contact with you!

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accountable, sustainable, customized
ASC Online Fitness Coaching

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For those ready to take the next step toward greatness, please fill out the questionnaire, here. If you are unsure, send us an email. If you have any questions at all, contact us at ASCfitnesscoaching@gmail.com.