Hi and welcome to ASC Fitness Coaching!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read up a little on me and why I started.

I guarantee there is some part of my journey that you can relate to, and you have come to just the right place to take your journey to the next level!

After working with a wide variety of people on their fitness journey throughout the years, I have come to find that most either had the same beliefs I had when I began, or had a mentality similar.

ASC all started because of my history in the gym. You see, I started lifting weights at a young age (16 years old), and continue to do to this present day. I’ve never had a problem getting to the gym, because I found something I absolutely loved and it was a passion of mine. Watching my strength increase month and after month was fun and challenging. However, I did struggle with nutrition. There was never anything “out” there for me when I started, and I was always so confused as to what I should eat, what would make me gain fat, and what would help with performance and muscular growth. I was like a lost puppy in this field, and everything was pointing me to “Women should eat less and exercise more”, so there you have it. I ate as little as possible, anywhere from 200-800 calories a day and made sure I burned that off in gym sessions.

I quickly became obsessed, and relationships were put to the side so I could make sure I was on point. Needless to say, once college hit I gained the “freshman 15”. Of course, this was healthy weight and was needed, but I constantly felt guilt. I was still a very restricted eater during the week, and then found myself binge eating on weekends. I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t reach my goals, because I had no control over myself. I wanted a balance; I wanted to be like my friends who could enjoy a regular meal and not feel guilt; I wanted to stop thinking so much about my body and the gym.

Fast forward a few years, and I found that balance through working on mindset. It’s funny that most fitness related programs focus heavily on nutrition and exercise programs, but very little on mindset changes. Honing in on mindset, and learning to love my body and myself was the most crucial step in my fitness journey. Now, I have found a balanced, sustainable approach to fitness. Of course it is still a big part of my life, but it’s not the only part. Instead of obsessing about my next meal and workout, I now have time to read a good book or take my 2 large, very hyper rescue dogs on a long hike. I can enjoy an “unhealthy” meal without guilt now, and even better I can easily say no to “unhealthy” options without feeling out of control. (Because the old me could NEVER stop until the whole box of cookies was gone.) I have learned to get stronger, leaner, and healthier through a customized nutrition approach that works for ME, a workout program that makes ME happy, and a focused yet calm mindset approach that doesn’t keep me second guessing myself.

I specialize in helping women succeed and obtain their goals, through a scientifically backed, sustainable, and customized approach. Gone are the days of women thinking they just need to “eat less and workout more”. I have a passion for helping women get stronger, leaner, and healthier through an individually based training, nutrition, and mindset program.

Through obtaining my Master’s degree in Exercise Science with a concentration in Sports Nutrition, my Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences, and having over 9 years of experience in the fitness field, I have found my passion for helping other women change their approach in the gym, their mindset around fitness, and their nutrition protocol to represent a healthy, balanced, but still focused method. This is my passion, and I am so excited to learn more about you!

Credentials -

Master’s degree in Exercise Science with a concentration in Sports Nutrition from Life University

Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences from SUNY College at Brockport

Exercise physiologist and Certified Personal Trainer

Mission: To provide a balanced, sustainable, and scientifically backed approach to obtain your ideal physique based directly on your goals and lifestyle.

How our exercise and nutritional coaching is different and a step above the rest:

Customized plans:

Whether you have never stepped foot in the gym, have tried millions of programs that have failed you, or you’re an avid gym goer just looking for some extra motivation in the nutrition department, this online coaching program is tailored specifically to you, what you need most, and what works with your lifestyle.


I offer 1:1 personalized meetings via the web and unlimited access for questions and concern. You are the focal point of this program, and it is designed in a way that gets you the best results with whatever suits you best. Losing weight, building muscle, or changing old habits can be challenging enough, but with a coach available to you at all times, it makes accountability so much easier.

Sustainable for life:

Why have countless people lost weight, and then gained it all back? Simple – the program either wasn’t specific to their body or the program restricted your diet and/or significantly limited the number of calories. Using a macro-based “flexible” dieting approach, it is our goal to provide a fun, simple, and unrestricted way to reach your goals.

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