Noemi P.

I reached out to Emily because my teenage daughter was gaining weight and was feeling very insecure about herself. She didn't like the way she looked in clothes and didn't know what to eat or not eat to help. It was difficult, of course, since my daughter was only 13 and wanted to do the things that teenagers do - like eat pizza, chips, shakes, etc.

Many times my daughter felt like she couldn't do it and even a bit overwhelmed. But, thanks to Emily's guidance, Emily little-by-little learned how to eat the right way. She also gave my daughter an exercise plan for the week.

My daughter eventually saw results - especially when we went shopping for school clothes! That motivated her even more. My daughter is now telling me what I should buy/not buy when we go food shopping. She looks at labels, knows what her portions should be, and keeps herself active. She is still a teenager and eats pizza once in while, but she knows how to balance it.

I would recommend Emily's services to anyone who is looking to not go on a diet, but learn to eat right as a lifestyle and stay active. Her food recommendations and exercises are customized to the person and that is great because one size does not fit all!

Christina L. Atlanta, GA

Over the past few years I've gained more and more weight. I would occasionally try to exercise by going to the apartment gym, or go on walks and hikes with my dog, but I realized over time that it just wasn't something I could do by myself. I need someone to tell me what to do and how to do it.

Emily offers a unique solution to my weight issue. She taught me how to weigh out all of my food so that I could get the appropriate amount of proteins, carbs, and fats throughout the day. She also has given me workout plans that I could use at home and ones to use in a gym. In person, she is unlike some trainers, who go too easy, or others who are more like a drill sergeant.

Instead, Emily is a nice blend of the two. She won't push pass your limits but if she believes you can go longer, or lift more, she will make you do it. She wants to see your progress as much as you do. With me, she was very realistic. She told me from the start that my progress will be slow, but if I stick to it, the results will last, and my weight won't fluctuate drastically.

I truly believe that she is someone that cares about my health and happiness. Since I started, I've seen positive results in my weight, how I look in the mirror, and how I feel throughout the day.

Nicole P. Smyrna, GA

Fitness has always been important in my life, but like many others I found myself losing the motivation and creating excuses for not being able to workout.

Once the pounds started piling on I decided I needed some guidance and motivation from an outside source, this is when I reached out to Emily.

I can now proudly say I am down to a weight I am comfortable with and have my confidence back. Emily has helped me find that passion for fitness again. She is a great trainer who shares her love for fitness with others.

Emily made my transition back into the gym smooth, she provided me with daily workouts and a nutrition plan that will stick with me for years to come.

Most of all Emily was there to support me and help me through my fitness journey, anytime I had a question she was quick to respond and those days I felt like giving up she was there to motivate me. I can’t thank Emily enough for helping me reach my goals of a healthier lifestyle.

Colleen R. Buffalo, NY

I have been working with Emily for just about 6 months now and it has been a truly life changing experience. Emily is extremely knowledgeable, and is willing to share that knowledge with you. Making the whole nutrition & training process an educational one, as well.

She has thoroughly explained all the nitty gritty details, the ‘what’s and the why’s’, of my workout plans and my nutrition plans.

Her personality is a breath of fresh air and she full of positivity. Her communication has been outstanding. No message has gone unanswered. Not to mention, we live in totally different states!

She has continually proven to me that turning to her for help was the best decision I could have made in my fitness journey. I’m thrilled to see where this road takes us together as this has truly turned into a great client – trainer friendship.

Before working with Emily, I tried for years to follow my own fitness and nutrition path without a trainer/nutritionist. I read blogs and followed DVD programs; only to find 2+ years later I was still not achieving the exact goals that I was setting for myself.

From the 1st day I contacted Emily, I began experiencing the success I was working so hard for. In the short time she has been working with me, I have been able to reach my original goals & set myself brand new ones!!!