Hi Everyone! I thought I would introduce myself and my background. I think a lot of people can relate in some way, shape, or form. You can also play a fun game called "count how many times I say but or um!"

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Why I created this site –

I started weight lifting at age 16, when I found my passion for fitness and lifting. Although my guidance in the gym was great, my nutrition suffered. When I was in high school and even at the start of my undergraduate degree, I believed that the less you ate the better. I would exercise multiple times a day if possible, and eat very little to try to burn off more than I was eating. Not only was I damaging my metabolism immensely, but I was also affecting my mental well-being.

After working with a wide variety of people on their fitness journey throughout the years, I have come to find that most either had the same beliefs I had when I began, or had a mentality similar.

My passion for fitness today drives me to help others achieve their goals safely, correctly, and in a balanced way. Going through extremes does not yield the goal physique in the long-term. I started this to be a guiding and helpful hand through this entire process, because it isn’t always easy breaking bad habits and learning new things. I will help you through this the right way, so you can stop wasting your time and money on things that don’t give you long-term benefits.

Credentials -

Master’s degree in Exercise Science with a concentration in Sports Nutrition from Life University
Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences from SUNY College at Brockport
Exercise physiologist and Certified Personal Trainer

Mission: To provide a balanced, sustainable, and scientifically backed approach to obtain your ideal physique based directly on your goals and lifestyle.

How our exercise and nutritional coaching is different and a step above the rest:

Customized plans:

Whether you have never stepped foot in the gym, have tried millions of programs that have failed you, or you’re an avid gym goer just looking for some extra motivation in the nutrition department, this online coaching program is tailored specifically to you, what you need most, and what works with your lifestyle.


I offer 1:1 personalized meetings via the web and unlimited access for questions and concern. You are the focal point of this program, and it is designed in a way that gets you the best results with whatever suits you best. Losing weight, building muscle, or changing old habits can be challenging enough, but with a coach available to you at all times, it makes accountability so much easier.

Sustainable for life:

Why have countless people lost weight, and then gained it all back? Simple – the program either wasn’t specific to their body or the program restricted your diet and/or significantly limited the number of calories. Using a macro-based “flexible” dieting approach, it is our goal to provide a fun, simple, and unrestricted way to reach your goals.

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